Cardboard Diffuser – “Green” Lighting, Figuratively


fina_estampa Designer and creator Santiago Morahan has given some cardboard a second life – this time as a fixture’s shade. A clothing store called Fina Estampa in Santa Fe, New Mexico contracted these fixtures from Cartonero through A+B Architecture out of Santa Fe – I could not find the applicable website for this firm – if you know will you post in the comments?

From Santiago’s website, Diseño Cartonero, which translates to “Garbage Collector Designs” about the cardboard lampshade:

Time has been very little lately so I apologise for not posting regularly.  This job took a lot of time and effort and the outcome was a great feeling of satisfaction. I was called for it by Pedro Acosta and Bernardo Bertone (A+B Architecture) from Santa Fe.  This work was done in a clothes shop called Fina Estampa and it’s located in Zuviría 5336 of neighbouring Santa Fe city.

Another interesting interior fixture design – not sure if it’s really my speed, but it’s reclaimed, it’s form, and it’s functional!

Santiago Morahan has a bunch of recycled cardboard stuff – from furniture to pencil cases.  Check out his blog,


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