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I’ve been teaching lighting design students for years now – one of the most difficult topics is self-promotion and marketing, as there are a lot of young lighting design students in universities who for some reason have a very entitled attitude.  Promoting your design career – as well as promoting your acting career, directing career, careers as technicians and electricians, and Entertainment business professionals in general – is very difficult business.  It’s not something that you’re going to accomplish overnight, and definitely something that’s going to do itself, contrary to some opinions!  In order to get gigs, you have to let people know you’re alive, and working!

I’ve written some eBooks on entertainment professional promotion using some of the more popular Social Media outlets – the first one is on using Twitter to help spread the word about your life as an entertainment designer, actor, director, or other professional.  It’s called The JimOnLight.com Twitter Guide for Actors, Designers, Directors, Technicians, and Entertainment Professionals.  I wrote this text with the young entertainment designers and performers in mind that I have so many fond memories of mentoring into the working world – but it applies to anyone wanting to get into using Twitter to either share their lives with friends or promote their professional work.

Check it out!  I have it listed at shop.jimonlight.com – I’m selling it for ten bucks, but right now I am offering it for 50% off (or five bucks – $5) for an introductory period.  I have a series of these planned, on a variety of categories.  I hope you enjoy the book!

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