Projection Designers


I just read a really great article at the Live Design Online website by Zachary Borovay entitled “I Am Not A Lighting Designer.” Sorry for the short post, but I highly recommend this article – clever, to the point, and an easy read.

My favorite paragraph of the article – just because it’s a great thing to say about a profession:

First of all, I think, as designers, we need to come up with a title for our vocation and stick with it. Whether I am using a video projector, television monitor, 35mm slide projector, vintage home movie projector, or a candle and shadow, I still choose to call myself a projection designer. If it were up to me, this would become the generic title for the job – similar to how brand names such as Kleenex® or Xerox have become part of our vocabulary. Why? Two reasons: the first is tradition. It is an homage to those who have come before us, since this field was created by people using slide projectors, magic lanterns, shadow puppets, and other projected media. The second is more philosophical, because I am projecting my ideas and concepts as another layer on top of the performance and therefore (hopefully) projecting it into the minds of the audience.

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