Nuage Vert – Green Cloud


First 30 seconds of Green Cloud goes online from HeHe on Vimeo.

The video above is of an art and lighting “installation” called Nuage Vert, or “Green Cloud.”  Nuage Vert is an installation that attempts to increase awareness of energy consumption and to help give each of us an idea of our individual consumption and responsibility.  This is an older project – but still pretty awesome – so I wanted to pass on its message.

A coal power plant was the target – the Salmisaari coal burning power plant in Ruoholahti, Helsinki, Finland.  With the help of a large green lazer animation, the artists of Nuage Vert, Helen Evans and Keiki Hansen (or HeHe, collectively), the cloud of smoke pouring out of the stack at the Salmisaari plant was illuminated with a green outline, showing its size and opacity, if you will.

Or, if you won’t.

Nuage Vert won the coveted Ars Electronica Golden Nica and 01SJ Green Prix for Environmental Ar.  Ars Electronic said this about the project:

“Pollstream – Nuage Vert transforms clouds into projection surfaces. As such, these indefinable, constantly and chaotically changing products of the condensation of water vapor become media bearing political ideas and messages. Or aestheticized symbols of environmental pollution caused by carbon emissions. Pollstream – Nuage Vert was developed in collaboration with experts in laser technology, computer science, electrical engineering, energy generation and air quality monitoring. Development commenced in 2002 and concluded in February 2008 with a performance in Helsinki that impressively demonstrated how art is capable of encompassing an entire city-its public sphere, its industry and its inhabitants-and unfolding sociopolitical relevance. Pollstream – Nuage Vert is the recipient of the 2008 Golden Nica in the Hybrid Art category.”

There’s also a blog for Nuage Vert – old, of course, but still a good representation of the project.  Below is another video of the project – a little bit longer, and equally as interesting.  I love how the laser continually traces the cloud.

First video footage of the Green Cloud from HeHe on Vimeo.

HeHe’s page on Nuage Vert has a few videos and some large images of the project, check them out.

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