Philips is Giving Lighting Professionals an “OLED Starter Kit”


I was combing through press releases at Philips this afternoon when I discovered a very cool press release – Philips lighting is giving lighting designers, architects, and “creatives” an OLED starter kit of sorts!  From the press release:

Philips is offering lighting designers, architects and creatives from all disciplines a unique OLED technology ‘starter kit’, so that they can discover for themselves why OLEDs are going to be the lighting sensation of the coming years. This kit includes an information pack and DVD explaining the technology behind OLEDs and outlining possible future applications. It contains several OLEDs of various shapes, structures and colors, enabling people to experiment with and experience the amazing effects of OLEDs for themselves. More details about how to use the OLED samples are included in the information pack.


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