DoE’s 200 kWh Sun Wall


Solomon Cordwell Buenz, a Chicago-based architecture firm, has won the US DoE’s Solar Wall Competition, with a “sun wall” measuring 32,000 square feet and covering the southern part of the the Department of Energy’s Washington DC headquarters.  I tried the link to the DoE SUn Wall competition site, but I kept getting a 404.  You’re more than welcome to try visiting.

From the Solomon Cordwell Buenz site on the project:

SCB, in partnership with ARUP New York, produced the winning design for the Department of Energy’s Solar Wall Competition.   SCB’s 32,000sf  “Sun Wall” covers the south elevation of the DOE’s Washington, D.C.  Headquarters building.  The Wall is expected to generate 200 kw of electricity through a combination of photovoltaic panels and evacuated tubes for hot water.  The DOE asked entrants for a “visually exciting” and technologically advanced project.

The project will generate around 200 kWh of power, and will be the largest integrated project of its kind in any federal building.  One of the things we don’t know is the cost of the construction for the project.  Hmm.

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