Mac III’s Ever-Expanding Rep of Tours


Martin is getting more and more news that designers are putting the Mac III in their light plots.  An article in TPI Magazine about the French singer Raphael talks about how the Mac III was designed and incorporated into rig.  From TPI’s article:

Watson used the MAC III Profiles, outfitted with custom gobos, in conjunction with a number of Martin MAC 2000 Performance units. “I chose the MAC III for the brightness and quality of the beam as well as the animation wheel which I adore,” he says. “The zoom range proved to be an absolute winner and of course the fixture’s ability to create red from the color mixing system is a real novelty and a welcome one at that!”

Watson placed six MAC III Profile units on the front truss for front key lighting and for texture washes of both the band and the set. The remaining six fixtures were mounted on the highest of the rear trusses and used for rear band lighting and aerial beam texturing.

There are an increasing number of tours and shows that are rocking the Mac III – James Blunt, Staind, So You Think You Can Dance Holland, The Royal Variety Performance 2008 – are you currently designing anything using the Mac III profile?  Have you designed anything recently using the Mac III profile?  Please post in the comments!

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  1. I am taking 24 out next week for a superbowl party.. I am extremely excited to get the opportunity to work with these. -Ryan

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