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I posted a little while ago about a guy named Charles Kalpakian, Hello Karl, and the Rain Light.  I emailed Hello Karl to try and get some information on the other designs on the site, but alas, I have gotten no response.

Be advised, Hello Karl, I wanted to interview you about your product line.  You know, FREE PRESS and all.

So anyway, I took some screenshots of some of the light-related products on Hello Karl’s website – the whole site is flash, and it is beautiful but pretty unfunctional.  Hence, screenshots.  Check them out, interesting fixtures!

This first set is named “City Lights.”  It looks like a columnar emitter of some sort.  It definitely makes a nice line:

Next, “Graffititek.”  Book storage, built-in illumination.

The last Hello Karl design – my favorite – is referred to as “Graffilight.”  These fixtures look expandable, and they look made to incorporate as lighting art in a room.  The are also apparently color-changing.

Obviously, the one below is for when you need to kick it Roxanne style:

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