Jim On Light To Sponsor “The Lighting Podcast!”


    So, in the very near future – say, right after the first of the new year, a good friend and fellow designer Jacob Welch and I are going to be presenting a podcast based on light and lighting.  It will be not unlike the content brought to you here, but in more detail – and in a 30 to 60 minute format.  We’re going to be covering all kinds of topics about light, and presenting interviews with some of the industry’s hottest, toughest, and most intelligent minds.

    We’re going to be hosting these podcasts on iTunes, FREE of course, and on the podcast’s home – http://www.lightingpodcast.com – which right now brings you back here, but will house a forum, podcast  archive, and other goodies.  I love my industry, what can I say!

    I wish everyone a great day – or at least a fair day with no economic downturns.

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