The Shroom Lamp


Unless your “casual recreational use” of ‘shrooms back in the hayday has turned all lamps into mushrooms for you – and in which case I’m sorry – you’ll probably like this lamp, which is another installment of design by Jaime Salm and Katherine Wise.

The Shroom Lamp is designed as a tabletop lamp, with the light emanating from the 100% wool shade.  The Shroom Lamp is shown in the images with a CFL, which makes this lamp even more “earthen” in appearance – in this case, quite figuratively.

From the Shroom Lamp product page:

Designed as mood lighting for tabletop and floor use, Shroom lights are ideal as nightlights or in clusters around living areas. Their warm light and soft felt shade are inviting to both sight and touch.

Using traditional felt molding technologies and local manufacturers as a source of inspiration, the Shroom Light explores felt’s natural beauty as a material for diffusing light. Material density softens and directs light, producing relaxing atmospheres that range from the warm and relaxed to the psychedelic and fun.

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