“The Last Flashlight You’ll Ever Buy”


CleanTechnica has a post about an “ultracapacitor” flashlight that takes 90 seconds to charge for 90 minutes of on time – and can charge fully once a day for 135 years.  5.11 Tactical’s Light for Life runs about $169.9.  From the CleanTechnica article:

According to the company, the flashlight can perform 50,000 charge/discharge cycles with no degradation of quality– that’s one charge a day for over 135 years. And if that isn’t impressive enough, it can go from being dead to fully charged in 90 seconds. The flashlight provides 90 minutes of light per charge.

The 16 oz. Light for Life has no replaceable parts, and requires zero maintenance. At $169.99, it’s somewhat of a bargain considering it may be the last flashlight you ever buy.

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