COLORado LED Wash Fixtures at the Isle of Man

Isle of Man
Isle of Man

I just read an article at PLSN about the big ol’ castle at the Isle of Man in England.  For a fund raising event for Breast Cancer Awareness,  Event Lighting Services lit up the outside of the castle in pink.

As a symbol of breast cancer support and awareness, the Falcon Cliff Castle on this British isle, dubbed the “Isle of Woman” for a recent fund-raising event, was washed in pink hues cast by Chauvet COLORado LED light fixtures. Part of “In the Pink Day,” the architectural lighting installation helped mark the end of a year-long fundraising drive that raised $55,000.

The Chauvet lights were selected because of their “vivid colors and spectacular brightness,” said Justin McMullin, owner of Event Lighting Services (ELS), a stage and event lighting rental company based on the island, which donated the lighting. “Because of this we only had to use six fixtures in all to light up such a large building,” McMullin said.

ELS used four Chauvet COLORado 1 wash lights and two COLORado 3 bank systems, both designed for outdoor use with an IP rating of 66. The models offer full RGB color mixing, which allowed for occasional changes in hues of the castle’s façade throughout the event.

Falcon Cliff, more than 150 years old, originally served as a residence for a banker. It later became a hotel and during the late 1880s, a large dance hall was added. Shuttered in the 1990s, the landmark building was restored and now serves as an office complex.

The COLORado LED fixture line is something from Chauvet that has been getting a lot of popularity.  A friend of mine working for Michael Riotto Design in NYC was telling me at LDI this year that a lot of installations are getting these fixtures lately.  They’re bright!

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