Lighting and Femininity


    Unfortunately I did not see this before Breast Cancer Awareness Month was over, but as a friend of mine died of breast cancer a few months ago (we still think about you, Corey!) every month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Stephanie Choplin has invented a luminous breast prosthesis called the Lumitact.  Lumitact is a tactile prosthesis (the adhesive kind, not unlike any of the adhesive prostheses available) that incorporates Phillips’ LumiLive material into the prosthesis.  It’s an interesting design – I wonder about the practicality in regards to every day wear.

    From the designer:

    “Lumitact” is a virtual and a tactile breath prosthesis. Made of luminous textile, observer can play with animated virtual entities. Animation give the feeling that the prosthesis is not sluggish any more. Luminescent shapes are continually moving lovingly. This movement is an invitation to touch and play sensually.  The prosthesis extend from the breath to the haunch of the woman to guide the partner’s hand toward the whole body. An tender amorous game starts when the prosthesis is touched. The shapes slide softly toward the zone touched, like the shiver of a caress on the skin. The prosthesis is immobilized by an adherent system.

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