Finally, the Showgun!


I finally got to lay my hands on a Showgun at LDI last week.  What a bright fixture!  The Barco rep told me (along with a news release I just got) that there will be a new release of the Showgun, the Showgun 2.5 – with a 2500W boosted output lamp.  As if it wasn’t as bright as the sun already!  (I’m kidding, of course, as you can never have any fixture bright enough)  From the Barco press release:

The new version of SHOWGUN, the SHOWGUN 2.5 automated luminaire, offers 30 percent more photonic output via a new 2500-watt Philips MSR lamp source producing 130,000 lumens of light.

Dear GOD!  130K lumens?!  That’s fantastic!  I love Syncrolites just as much as the next designer, but I also enjoy the High End series of fixtures.  I cut my teeth on Studio Spots and Studio Colors, also like the next designer.

Here’s a few pics from LDI 2008 of the Showgun 2.5 in action.  Enjoy!
Oh, and check out the product page at High End for ShowGun.

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