LDI: Little Big, from Zap Technology


I saw a pretty sweet fixture at LDI last week – the “Little Big” from Zap Technology.  it’s a 3.5kW Xenon CANNON – color mixing, electronic strobe, and a single yoke arm.  It’s bright!

Here’s some info from the product page at BigLites.com, Zap’s site:

Manufactured in France by ZAP technology in 2007 according to its revolutionary single arm modular design, the LittleBig is part of the BigLite Xenon search light range.

Fitted with a new short arc Xenon bulb delivering 3500W, the LittleBig is the only Xenon large format with 5 colour gel scrollers, offering real time CMY colour mixing, diffusion and silk effects,and other customisable effects or colours such as polarised flower “pattern style” effect, Congo Blue or any other saturated colours.

Thanks to its integrated folding clamp, it can be hung under a truss with its electronic ballast deported up to 70m away from the fixture.
Also, the LittleBig is the only large format Xenon moving head fitted with an integrated pointing laser allowing to pre-focus the show with its lamp off.
Fully protected by its fibre composite shell, the fixture is technician friendly, with all standard maintenance accomplished through easy access modules.
DMX programming is a breeze, with a user friendly menu on both the fixture and the ballast. With only 95 cm high and 85 kg, the LittleBig is the most compact and versatile search light, ideal for concert tours,TV shows and other live outdoor or indoor events.

And it is by far the fastest automated projector on Earth, running its full 630° pan in less than one and half second!


DC motors –
Hot restrike –
Weatherproof –
Easy replacing bulb –
Cold mirror reflector –
Quiet cooling system –
Very well-kept design –
Fiber composite shell –
Custom lamp housing –
0 – 255 – linear command –
Steel reinforced belt drives –
Weight 85 kg – Height 95 cm –
In-built foldable hanging clamp –
Unique design with single arm yoke –
Modular design for easy maintenance –
Remote lamp adjustment (Patent Pending) –
External electronic ballast – mounted in rack –
New Xenon short arc bulb delivering 3500 W -1500 hours –

Anyone who reads JimOnLight ever use one of these?

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  1. JIm, you know what the degree of throw is? does it zoom? And how would it survive outdoors? I need to light up a building in NYC (49 stores!) and would like some input.
    JIm Knudsen
    Lighting Director
    Quazar Productions
    New York Marriott Marquis
    New York NY

  2. Are they still in business, who caries the fixtures and in what numbers are available?
    I met Maurice in France but cannot reach him now on their email address.

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