The Plint Lamp by Dave Keune


Last week I chronicled a few works by Dave Keune – another project from his collection is The Plint Lamp.  From Dave’s website:

Plint is a minimal, yet elegant luminaire with an expandable bamboo shade. By use of the flexible quality of bamboo the interconnected parts can be opened and closed by hand. In this way the shade functions as a mechanical dimmer, offering the owner a possibility to change shape as well as light-production of the luminaire. The repetition of parts creates a spectacular view on the warm glowing inside and gives an exciting display of shadows in the environment.

The Plint is an interesting use of a douser concept – well, it’s not really a use, per se, it’s really an interesting douser concept.  As you increase the diameter of the shade, you’re not only increasing intensity but you’re increasing the mass and shape.  In this case, does form aid function, or does form follw function in this case?

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