PocketLD, from Mike Zinman and The Zinman Co.


Mike Zinman, creator of iSwitch (the dipswitch calculator), GelCalc (the color filter calculator), and excellent titles like AutoBlock for AutoCAD has released yet another awesome iPhone program – Pocket LD for iPhone.  First and foremost, if you’re an LD and need touch-of-the-finger photometrics calculations and fixture database info, just go buy it right now.  It’s ten bucks.

The official release:

Michael Zinman, developer of iSwitch DMX and GelCalc! for the iPhone & iPod Touch announces its latest release, PocketLD.
PocketLD is a database and calculation tool for theatrical and TV/Film lighting professionals.
Simply enter your throw distance, than select manufacturer, fixture and a lamp to calculate beam/field diameter and fc/lux.
Fixture & Lamp Database Includes:

-Beam and/or Field Angles
-Lamp Code
-Color Temperature
-Lamp Hours
-Candela Multiplication Factor
-Website URL (touch to open site within the App!)
Manufacturers Include:
-Altman Stage Lighting
-Altman Stage Lighting TV/Fim; including HID
-Arri; including HID
-Strand Lighting
-Strand Lighting TV/Fim; including HID
-and Generic PAR lamps
More Features:
-Access the manufacturers website by touching on their respective URL link within the App.
-Free upgrades include new fixture & lamp libraries.
More Information:
-Additional screen shots and a video demo can be viewed at www.lightingiphoneapps.com
-PocketLD can be purchased for $9.99 via the iTunes App Store or by following this link…
-Questions can be directed to Michael Zinman at michael@zinmanco.com
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