DMX Controlled Iris and Projector Douser


Behold:  The City Theatrical DMX Iris and DMX Projector Douser.

DMX Iris

City Theatrical in all of their greatness has released a DMX controlled iris for all of your irising needs.  It runs off of a 24VDC power supply, like your typical Forerunner II or Chroma Q PSU for scrollers, with a 4-pin cable, just like scroller cable.  Do you think that maybe the unit is meant to best utilize your existing power supplies and scroller cable?  Way to go, City Theatrical!  The DMX Iris is available for both Strand SL’s and ETC Sourcde Fours.

It’s $775 right now, and if you have Source Four Zooms, don’t buy.  It won’t fit!

DMX Projector Douser

The City Theatrical Projector Douser is also $775, and is powerable via your 24VDC Chroma Q, Forerunner, etc scroller PSUs.  It’s basically a flapper on a servo motor.  I used one of these a few months ago on a production of Urinetown!  The Musical to douse a projector front-of-house.  Worked like a charm.

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