Tom Raffield’s English Ash Pendant Lamp


Tom Raffield, UK designer and co-founder of the award winning company, Sixixis, has created these Ash Pendants for the Re-Design Design Festival in London.  Each of these lamps is steam-bent into shape and all by Mr. Raffield himself.  From the site:

This beautifully sculptural form is created with 80 metres of steam bent strips of English Ash, woven, coiled and twisted around one another. Whether the light is on or off, this is a unique and stunning lampshade.

Each one is handmade, signed and dated
by myself.

Supplied with a Energy Saving Soft Glow Giant Light Bulb 15 watt (equivalent to 75 watt with a life expectancy of 10 years)

English Ash

One featured is 60cm Diameter but can be made in various different sizes

Paying for this kind of design and craftsmanship isn’t cheap, at 250 GBP, but it is beautiful.

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