“Katana” by Sander Mulder


I wrote about Sander Mulder a few days ago, and promised to post more about his interesting and innovative designs.  A prototype lighting fixture still in development (and hopefully releasing soon!) is the Katana LED fixture.  Katana is an interactive fixture, utilizing high output LEDs and a touch-sensitive control mechanism.  From Sander Mulder’s Katana product page:

Katana combines old qualities with new technologies.

Katana is a nomadic lighting fixture containing the newest high intensity led’s.

Its intuitive user interface, allows instant use for anybody. There are no button’s to press; simply holding the device activates the light immediately. Holding one hand on the top of the fixture and one on the bottom simultaneously, turns on all lights in ambient mode.

I’ve embedded a video of the Katana in use – please check it out, it’s short.

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