The Eureka Light


It looks like Hyun Jin Yoon and Eun Hak Lee weren’t as innovative as I thought – at least first anyway.  Sander Mulder, one of the two designers collaborating on the now defunct Buro Vormkrijgers (the other being Dave Keune, who I will write about later in the week) designed a very similar device – the Eureka Lamp.

From Sander Mulder’s Eureka product page:

Made from a laser cut sheet of aluminum, in combination with a high power led, this clever designed lamp operates on 2 button cells.

This sophisticated promotional gift, introduces the public to the possibilities of the new generation of power led’s; they are small, power efficient and virtually indestructible.

As a design object in traditional postcard format, it can be shipped by regular mail to your family, friends and relations. Made from off-the-shelves parts, combined with a sheet of aluminum in a clever way, it transforms with one single twist into an ambient lighting fixture.

Camping, in a closet, behind Dimmer Beach, or anywhere else you can think to need extra illumination – a great idea by an interesting designer.  I’ll be chronicling more of Sander Mulder and Dave Keune’s design work in the up-and-comings.

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