BARCO Gets “Props” from Millitary Training Technology


Barco, the Belgian company that just bought High End Systems, has been given some pretty big props by Millitary Training Technology folk.  Barco is a major world leader in visual and simulation technology, and they’ve been making visual breakthroughs all over the industry lately in video and display technology.  From the article:

Barco was awarded the status as top simulation and training company as “world leader in high-performance, high-quality display systems for simulation training applications.” Barco’s systems include its SIM 7 projector series, which has been specifically designed for multi-channel simulation setups, and boasts features such as smear reduction and high dynamic contrast. It is currently being used in Barco’s SEER mini-domes for fast jet and helicopter training, and its new cross-cockpit collimated display (CCCD) for dual-cockpit training. Its systems are exceptional in that Barco designs and calibrates not just the projectors, but also the screens and mechanical structures. This leads to a greater degree of internal system harmony, and makes servicing easier for both Barco and its customers.

This just goes to show you how widely spread the entertainment market in lighting really is.

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