Waterproof LED Ribbon Hits the Market


LED Magazine published an article about a new LED ribbon product to hit the market from Tradekey – a flexible product, waterproof, with unlimited possibilites for applications.  Theatrically, I’m sure you could come up with eleventy billion uses for the product, as I have come up with about 7 billion so far.

Some specs:

1. Three types available. 30 LEDs per meter; 60 LEDs per meter; 120 LEDs per meter
2. Make use of SMD LED which the size is 3.55mm x 2.8mm x 1.85mm
3. Waterproof and its waterproof index being IP 68
4. There are connection wires at both ends
5. The height is 2.5 mm; can be used in small areas
6. Normal brightness, high reliability, long life and non-flickering LED
7. Excellent flexible PCB board. Bend it easily with the angle more than 160 degrees
8. Self-adhesive 3M label in the back, fix it firmly as your requirement
10. Solid-state, high shock or vibration resistant
11. Beam angle: 140 degree
12. Can be applied as backlight or sidelight source

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