Are You Renting Avolites? Get On the Rental Partners Site!


Happy Tuesday, everybody!  It’s been a crazy week so far and it’s only Tuesday — Grammy Awards last night, huge stage fire in Mumbai this past weekend, and the 2016 is just getting rolling.  Here’s to a safe and happy rest of the year!

This is a huge worldwide shout-out to all people across the Earth renting Avolites consoles, servers, and equipment:
Are YOU on our Rental Partners website?


Bounce me an email at or through the JimOnLight contact form and we’ll get you sorted!  We’re just doing a quick shout-out among the production community to see if there is anyone out there renting Avo that isn’t already on the rental partners site…  and to get you on there pronto!

Random side note for those of my brothers and sisters here in America that don’t venture outside of our walls very often…

In America we rent, everywhere else on Earth they hire.
Also, here in America, they’re trade show booths; everywhere else, they’re trade show stands.


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