Thomas Ayad Killed by ISIS Cowards at Le Bataclan


Unfortunately, another industry death to report in this disaster in Paris last Friday.


Thomas Ayad, International Product Manager for Mercury Records, was murdered at the Eagles of Death metal show at Le Bataclan on Friday, November 13, 2015.  Thomas was in our industry, producing the acts that we work and design production for every day, and he was gunned down by ISIS cowards at the show.  He joins Nathalie Jardin and Nick Alexander, both production, both murdered at the Friday show during the ISIS attack in Paris.

Thomas was a friend to many, and artists from the Bieber to Metallica are pouring out their pain for his loss — from Metallica’s FB page with this photo:


We had great fortune to work with Thomas Ayad at Universal Music France for the past eight years and while Thomas had the official title of being our “project manager,” we knew him as a member of our Metallica family, a fan, a friend . . . and a warm, helpful, supportive familiar face each time we visited France. Friday we lost Thomas, at the Bataclan theatre, in a way that none of us can begin to comprehend. Our thoughts are with Thomas’ friends, family, co-workers and all Parisians during these very difficult times. (photo from November 9, 2011 at Taratata TV show)

CEO of Universal Music Group, Lucian Grainge, sent out a pretty tearjerking email to his staff last weekend, posted by The Wrap:

Dear Colleagues:

Today, I’m writing to you with a heavy heart.  

We, like so many around the world, are struggling with last night’s horrific tragedy in France.

Paris is in our thoughts and prayers.  We extend our deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims as well as our fervent wishes for healing for all of those affected by this senseless violence.

This is especially painful and personal for all of us.  As many of you know, the band Eagles of Death Metal is part of the UMe and Mercury France family.  The band and its crew as well as our own teams from Mercury and other UMG staffs were present at the Bataclan theater for last night’s show.

At this point, we have confirmed that Thomas Ayad, an international product manager for Mercury Records lost his life in the attack on the theater.  This is an unspeakably appalling tragedy.  I cannot even begin to express the depth of my sorrow.  On behalf of everyone here at UMG, we extend our most profound sympathies to his parents and all of his friends and family.

We will update you further as information permits.  In the meantime, please send all healing thoughts and prayers for those affected by this heinous act.

Today is a dark day.  We are a family. Let’s support one another as we grapple with the weight of this darkness.




This is where we are as a society right now folks, this photo above.  I’m sorry for another loss in our industry.  I’m sorry for another loss period, whether it’s crew, band, audience, or bystanders.  I have also pissed off quite a few people by saying that I am disappointed with the media coverage of people murdered from our industry, and I’m sorry to offend you, but put on your big kid pants and get pissed about something important instead of petty bullshit that matters ZERO to anyone.  I write an industry blog, I’m disappointed that we get left out, we’re dying to bring you the shows you want.  The media leaves out crew for concertgoers and bands.  I accept this as fact, I try to change it.  That’s the end of that, get the fuck over it.  Don’t read me if you don’t like it, it’s just like blocking somebody on Facebook you don’t want to hear from.

People have been getting so fucking pissy in the comments on these posts, attacking each other for no reason but to do so, and we gotta focus this shit inwards and figure out what’s most important to each of us.  Then you gotta work some patience and understanding in there for other people who aren’t dealing with this like you are.  People were murdered at something that is supposed to give them joy and energy and power — now we’re going to struggle with just feeling safe where we should be able to just completely let go.

Just try and have a little patience with each other.  People are dying out there for an ideology, people.  There is more important shit than arguing about nonsense.

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  1. Thank you for all the info, and shining a light on the victims who the media chose not to cover. We all do our jobs, stagehands/roadies, production, designers, management, board ops, etc. Not for the glory of center stage, but for the support of the artist, show or production. We never expect to go to work and lose our lives, but it does happen, most of the time is an accident, or a fall. But to be murdered by ISIS is unfathomable. Again, thank you for the info and putting faces and stories to some of the people who’s lives were cut short.

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