Truss Falls at the Feast of the Pinion Party in Lages, Brazil




Well, it seems I have spoken just a moment too soon.  At least no one was hurt, apparently.  There’s not a lot of news on the accident, but it seems as though it was the design and a rigged piece of gear that failed.

In Lages, Brazil, a truss component of a stage design fell last night onto the stage deck – from the article at Porto Menina:

Lages / SC – The Central Committee Organizing (CCO) of the 25th National Party Pinion reports that the unforeseen event that occurred yesterday afternoon Tuesday (27) at about 16:30, involving the Stage National solved ASAP not affecting the show Alexandre Pires and SPC.

The problem was the breaking of a part of the column structure lighting, when changing the map of light needed to show the SPC, remembering that each show has a different map.

Also said that the show just happened in To Thwart National Stage from 22:30, as scheduled.

More news as I can find it on this accident — but I guess we have to count one for the disaster pile.

Thanks to Mike Mallinson for this one.  The original article is here.

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  1. Yep Jim, fortunately no casualties. Even for us here in Brasil there is very little if any info about, as it has happened in a small country side town. All i know is that they took all apart, found the problem and got it back up and running, the show happened with no incidents.

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