Rigger Dies After 100 Foot Fall at AT&T Center in San Antonio



Unfortunately, I have to report that a brother fell and was killed at the AT&T Center in San Antonio last night.

From KENS 5 in San Antonio, bolding is mine:

SAN ANTONIO — A crew member working on a catwalk at the AT&T Center fell about 100 feet to his death Friday, said Paul Berry, spokesman for the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.

The crew member was working to remove lighting from a recent concert when the accident happened.

Berry said the worker disconnected his safety harness and slipped on a center beam while attempting to reconnect to another safety line.

The worker reportedly landed near the stage where other crew members were working.

The rigger’s name is reported to be Dean Williams, but I’ll make sure to confirm.  I’m so sorry for his family, I’m certain he will be missed.

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  1. Dean was the most safety conscious rigger I have ever met. an accident can happen to anyone. Be sober and be safe, watch your step and stay clipped in. If anything on your rig or grid is questionable, say something. A few hours to fix the problem will always out weigh a death or stage collapse. Please keep him in your thoughts. we lost one of the best last night. he will me missed greatly. ~CC

  2. My heart goes out to his wife and child 🙁 God bless them in this difficult time. I pray I never have to know their pain.

  3. Its always great to confirm facts and information before using names. its so easy to get it wrong in the first 24-48 hours……

  4. I rig High Steel also and it is covered in dust, sweat, burnt pyro gun powder, and electricians flex conduit along with uni strut it is mounted to sometimes.
    It is very dangerous in a older dirty facility that is full of this crap. They don’t clean the beams like the seats on the floor believe it but they should be required blow them off after every few gigs!
    Not sure what made him slip but he and I both wish he was clipped in when he fell and would have been saved by the gear but maybe injured instead of gone……………RIP Rigger Brother

  5. Is there a fall back for survivors? If there is not, I suggest making a fund available “in this man’s name”. Starting with his family, a pension must be given to any brother or sister who would befall such an event. I am not a card holder and am out of the profession, while I am aware that with the right numbers……..this needs to happen now.
    May the wind always whisper.

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