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I’m guessing that most of JimOnLight.com’s community reads Stage Directions Magazine, too — if you don’t, I’m going to recommend that you start, regardless of the fact that I guest there on occasion.  Jacob Coakley writes circles around me so fast that his keys melt a little.  Writing for Jacob is absolute aerobic exercise, and you gotta sweat to keep up, regardless of who the bleep you think you are.  That dude is hardcore, I love him.  I’m my own editor, and it is pretty fun to write with someone else wielding the iron pen.

I wrote two articles for Jacob while he was on vacation — Lighting Your Unicorn, and Chasing Yale.  Check them out, leave a comment if you have one!

Some of my favorite Jacob Coakley articles — by the way, that’s him there on the left, funny enough at the CAST booth in I think at LDI 2010:

Managing Metrics — by Jacob Coakley
Thank You Five Minutes — by Jacob Coakley
Video Chat with Lighting Designer≈ Jaymi L. Smith — by Jacob Coakley

Thanks, Jacob!

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