You know, sometimes I crack myself up.  No, actually, I crack myself up all the time.  If you’ve ever hung out with me, you know that I am prone to these outbursts of laughter pretty much constantly because I think the world is awesome and hilarious often, so you can imagine what my neighbors must think of the guy who works in his apartment all day long just cackling to himself all day.  Oh, yeah, I also speak with my cat.  She does speak conversational English, or maybe I speak conversational Meow, I’m not really sure.

I think I need to get out more.  Which, coincidentally, allows me to SEGUE INTO THE WHOLE REASON FOR WRITING THIS POST!  HA HAAAA!

Who’s coming to THE FOCUS?!  [haha that’s not really what it’s called, but for the time being it’s called that in my noodle, so imagine it being said with a deep voice]

I’m literally about to jump in the car to drive from Oklahoma City to Austin for PLASA Focus, which is gonna be awesome!  I’m gonna be down there with CAST Software, so come by the CAST booth and give me a hug!  I love hugs; I was born with WAY too much extra Enthusiasm Karma, so I try to help spread it around the world by hugging everybody I meet.  FREE HUGS AT THE CAST BOOTH!  We’re right next to the InLight Gobos booth, so I GET THE BE NEXT TO TWO OF MY FAVORITE PEOPLE for like THREE DAYS!!!!

Shoot me a call if you’re in the PLASA Focus FALLOUT ZONE (aww yeah) and you wanna try and get together!  I have to believe there will be large groups of people being ridiculous.  Come be ridiculous!  Just hold down the star key on your cell and it calls my phone directly.  I KEED!

TWEET! ME! UP!  See you there!

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