Bye, #USITT! See You Next Year!


As quickly as it began, USITT 2011 is over for me – I’m sitting in the airport right now at 6am EST waiting to board my flight to ORD, then on to OKC.  So many O’s, and none of them enjoyable.

Our conference session went really well – lots of audience, good questions, and great conversation!  I found it quite hilarious to hear the comment “it’s so great when someone actually prepares for their USITT Panel session.”  From what I understand there were a handful of people who didn’t bother to prepare for their panel session for presentation, and that is just irresponsible, especially when students are coming to see you speak about what they love the most.

I’ll be missing the USITT Stage Expo show floor this year, but I had a chance to walk around the Expo during load-in yesterday.  Make sure that you go around and talk to people, everybody!  Remember – conversations are your endless doorways to opportunity.  After all, this IS the Entertainment Business!

Just a quick travel note for those of you flying out of Charlotte this weekend – make sure that you have all of your stuff together when you travel through security at Charlotte-Douglas Airport.  Charlotte TSA has no sense of humor, no patience for pretty much anything, and they are very condescending to all.  If you want to get to your flight on time after standing in the very long lines at CLT, then make sure you act like an expert traveler.  Otherwise you’re gonna get called stupid, like I heard Charlotte TSA call an elderly traveler this morning!  Where are we, Germany in 1942?

BE SAFE EVERYBODY!  It was so amazing to see you all again!  Wednesday night’s 2011 #USITT #Tweetup was outstanding this year!  It was AWESOME to see everybody out last night!

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