A Big JimOnLight.com Community Welcome to Some Absolutely Awesome People


I have made some changes lately to the way things are done here at JimOnLight.com and Light Associated Media, LLC.

I have been so busy doing all of the stuff that prevents me from writing like I used to be able to write – I miss the sheer volume of time I used to be able to spend just researching and writing!  I’m sick and tired of not being able to do that, so I have reached out into the JimOnLight.com Community to get some help with the day-to-day operation of JimOnLight.com and the Light Associated Media Network (Jobs.JimOnLight.com, bulbr.com, and the JimOnLight.com Newsletter – YEAH!  We do a newsletter, too!)

As you already know, Jax Steager from San Francisco functions as the JimOnLight.com Executive Assistant, helping me at conventions and conferences, and generally helps me keep my stuff together.  Jax also writes on JimOnLight.com from time to time – we’ll be seeing her a lot more in the coming months.

I’ve also started to put together a JimOnLight.com Executive Advisory Board.  The first member that has accepted is Rick Hutton from InLight Gobos – Rick is a close friend, and his feet are rooted in this industry from the bottom up.  Rick is a valuable resource as a friend and as someone tied into the industry.  I asked him for technical advisory, and to spearhead the board.

The latest member of the JimOnLight.com Team is the fantastic Mr. David Fox, Day Crew on Cirque du Soleil’s KÀ in Las Vegas, as well as a smart dude and developer (pictured on the left with Jim and Erik Walstad from KA).  David is going to become the Chief Web Strategist for JimOnLight.com.  We’ve been very fortunate to have Leia Scofield developing JimOnLight.com for several years – Leia is one of the best web developers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, if not one of the best in the South.  Leia’s still doing development for JimOnLight.com, but we’re trying to move stuff over to David to lighten Leia’s load.  I’m so fortunate to have Leia’s expertise on the site!  I’m also glad to now have David’s input on the site!

More coming soon – please join me in saying HEY HI! to the new people, and to Jax!

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