Holy Creeping Crap, It’s Christmas Lights Time!



Yes, it’s the time of year when all electrical safety rules go flying out the window like a vegetarian running from Texas de Brazil.  The same time of year, in fact, that people all over the world will be stringing up runs of lighting in LED, incandescent, and in some applications, even fluorescent christmas lights.

Remember that scene in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation where Chevy Chase plugged in the redonkulously large holiday display on his house that he had installed, and it caused the nuclear power plant to have to flip some switch for more power?  Yeah.  I think of Christmas lighting like that.  But I wish I could give the world a class on Christmas lighting – sometimes it’s just not necessary to put the whole nativity scene lit with disco balls AND the full-sized Santa and the full reindeer team up this year.  Seriously!

In the up and coming few days, I’m gonna publish a few guides on Christmas lighting – controllers, different types, color information, and a few other informative-y things.  This is the time of year when people are planning their massive holiday lighting displays, so I want to help if I can help at all!  There are many things to consider – what kind of lights to buy, how to make them turn on, and most importantly, how to make your lights kick everyone else’s lights’ rears in your neighborhood without setting the whole neighborhood aflame.

And now, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Lighting video that everyone has seen seven triple gazillion times:

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