LichtFaktor – A Live Light Art Performance


I just came across this information from Behance – there is a group out there called optiX, and they are doing live light art performances.  A collaboration of sorts, the optiX guys are a German group that creates live light art, with human interaction, to music.  From the optiX site, translated from German (I apologize for the crappy translation in advance!):

optix has come together in 2001 as a trio, to high-class acrobatics and spectacular lighting effects combine with each other.  The ability to transpose music in light makes the juggling light and fire shows the absolute highlight of optix each event.

In their cooperation are far more light and fire shows, as well as tailor-made productions, DJs, musicians and video artists emerged.

With innovative juggling and amazing photographs OptiX brings you the variety of the 21st century to its stage.

You have to see some of these images, and a video, which is directly below – and below that, an interesting “commercial-y” video from LichtFaktor:

LICHTFAKTOR Live Performance at the sound frame festival 09 from LICHTFAKTOR on Vimeo.

TalkTalk Brighter from LICHTFAKTOR on Vimeo.



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