I Guess We’re Going to Spend $3 Mil On OLEDs for Military Equipment


A company called eMagin has gotten more millions to work on some OLED technology.  It’s not going into illumination for buildings, medical technology, or anything like that – it’s going to make some new night vision goggles for the military.  Oh well, I guess we’ll advance the OLED technology somehow.  We borrow all kinds of technology from the military, so I suppose getting OLED research kicking by pouring cash into military spending is better than not spending the money on OLEDs at all, right?


Here’s a press release from Mid-Hudson News on the story:

WASHINGTON — Congressman John Hall says the House approved of $3 million in additional funding for development of next-generation night vision goggles for American troops.  The money has been placed in the 2010 Defense Appropriations bill, which now must win Senate approval.

The technology is being developed by eMagin Corporation in the IBM East Fishkill campus.

The project has previously received $2.4 million, which Hall secured in 2007.

eMagin Corporation will use the federal money to continue to develop Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology, towards the goal of a more powerful OLED micro-display device to replace currently used night vision goggles that require bulky equipment.

“eMagin is developing technology that will provide radically better night vision equipment for our troops. This is cutting-edge defense technology that will be made right here in the Hudson Valley,” said Hall. “Continuing federal assistance to this project will provide lifesaving new equipment to our troops overseas, while helping create and maintain high tech jobs in the region.”

Is there any way to create some high tech jobs in the region in something other than military technology? Anyone?  Congressman Hall, just out of curiosity, do you stand to benefit from this at all, besides your district getting some gigs?  I’m just curious.  I mean, besides – politics is always about the people, right?

Thanks for the heads up on this, OLED-Info.

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