Whoa! 1979 Video On Electrical Substation Safety


For the life of me, I cannot figure out where I found this link, but I just came across a video from a UK public service announcement on children playing around electrical service substations.  Talk about dramatic, and freaky!  But seriously kids, stay out of these places, you’ll die.

Check out the video:

What did we learn?  Electrical substation complexes are monsters that eat children.

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  1. OMG, Jim. Flashback – you’ve started the night terrors off again. I can remember being terrified at the sight of kids getting sucked into combine harvesters, electrocuted by overhead power lines and suffocating in grain silos.

    I don’t know if these Public Information films made me more safety aware or just scarred me for life.

    Best. Rob

  2. Hello Jim,

    I have to agree with Rob’s comment – absolutely terrifying watching it first time around when I was about 6/7. Everything about it is creepy, including the music. I never went near a substation after seeing that!



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