Sharp Says “Here World, Have Nine Models of LED A-Lamps”


Electronics manufacturer Sharp has released a series of nine LED A-type lamps for the world to chew on – color temperatures from warm white to daylight (so that’s eight of the models) and a revolutionary color-changing remote controlled lamp that is controllable from warm white to daylight.

That’s pretty cool – my first question is obviously output, and Sharp has the daylight white model at around 560 lumens.  If you compare that to a 60w incandescent at 850 lumens it’s 35% less output, but it’s also got a lifetime of 40,000 hours (about 40 times the lifespan of an incandescent) and uses a minute fraction of the power.

Cost is obviously a factor, right?  The fixed color temperature sources are retailing around the $40 dollar mark ($42-$44) and the color changing model runs around $82 bucks.  Now theoretically if you were to use this six hours a day each day of the week, every week for a year, you’d use 2016 hours of the lamp’s life.  If you divide that into 40,000 hours of lamplife, this lamp will last you about 20 years.  If you compare power consumption costs with a 60w incandescent, there’s a clear winner, the LED source at 112 lumens per watt compared to the incandescent efficacy of around 14 lumens per watt.

Well, we will see, won’t we?  I do love these innovations!

About the adjustable color temperature and intensity source – from the press release from Sharp:

The model DL-L60AV LED Lamp features an Adjustable Color Function that enables users to change the color of the white light emitted from the lamp using an accessory remote control, an industry first for an LED lamp*1. Users can select from seven different shades of white ranging from a pleasing warm white to a cooler daylight white to match the weather, the season, time of day, purpose, or other preferences. This model also features a built-in Dimmer Function to adjust brightness. Together, these features allow users to select the illumination they like best to complement a diverse range of interior settings by using a single remote control to change the color and brightness of the light.

In addition, the model DL-L601N LED Lamp delivers a brightness of 560 lumens, among the highest in the industry for LED lamps*1 having nearly the same size and shape as ordinary incandescent lamps.

Check out some images:

sharp led

sharp led a lamp


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  1. The trick, of course, is to get clients to go along with such a relatively high initial cost. You would think more people would appreciate the long-term benefits of more efficient lighting, but so far, not so much.

  2. Can’t wait to try one! When are these coming to Europe so one can check them out?

    Another question… how can you compare a 560 lm LED to a 60W incandescent when it only equals slightly more than a 40W? As I’m sure it will have some light loss along its very long life span, this will be a more fair comparison even if it gives a little more than the 40W in the beginning. If I were you I’d redo the calculation using the appropriate equivalent.

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