I’m Sorry to Hear About Michael Jackson, Patrick Woodroffe and Crew


Yes, Michael Jackson passed away this last week.  The CNN gang refused to let us know about that little fact (I’m a CNN watcher, it’s true) and by day three I was pretty sure that Michael Jackson had still departed this Earth.

What no one is talking about, however, is the fact that in addition to the rental costs that the supply companies (PRG) are going to lose, the MJ crew and designers are now out of work.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re all seasoned professionals, and I bet they will still all have work.  What I am most bummed about is that now we don’t get to see the wonderment, high production and design values, and overall art that the team had almost created.  Unless the “King of Pop” is planning a publicity stunt and we’re all about to be totally duped, these folks are out of a gig – and we all miss out on the excellent work, reviews, trade publications, and other cool stuff that happens when a huge show hits the papers.  Patrick Woodroffe, I was looking forward to reviewing your work.  I’ll just catch the next one.

I really hope that the networks at least spend 15 seconds talking about the production.  From what I am hearing, it was huge, and pretty beautiful.  I’m sorry to Michael Jackson’s family, friends, and fans about his passing, as it blows to lose a friend – but I’m also sorry that the people who make him look and sound so good are now out of work.  I hope you folks all find new work, and in short order.

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  1. Speaking of CNN… I was just watching and saw that the “comeback concert” is still going to go on to some extent. Family and friends are supposed to preform on the same set and even using some of the costumes that were for that show. So I think the production folks still got something to do for a little while yet.

    • That’s weird – I heard from several sources that the equipment had been loaded out, and was back at PRG. Anything on this?

  2. I completely agree with you Jim, This was my first though when I heard of he’s death aswell. I know what it’s like spending a long period of time for an event, for it to be cancelled last minute!
    Some consideration should be made towards the guys and girls who put months of effort into planning the tour.

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