Mangekyorooms – Room Projector


Good morning, everyone, sorry for the late start – I’m still catching up on sleep from the last 10 days!

I ran across an interesting light toy this morning – I’m ga-gaa (as you can expect) for toys and gadgets that employ light for fun, like the pool projector I posted about a while back.  This gadget is called the Mangekyo Room Projector, and it’s a projecting light that casts beautiful colored patterms over your walls and ceiling.  The projector comes with seven disc-shaped trays for projecting patterns, and comes with beads that allow customization to a point.  If you don’t want to light up the room, you can light up the dome under the projector instead.

The principle is kaleidoscopic in nature, as is the price.  It’s running around $150 +/- a few dollars right now.



mangekyo rooms

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