MINUS: The Garbage Can That Doesn’t Smell Like Rotting Death


I usually notice that I forgot to throw out the bag of garbage in the kitchen around day two of the empty raw chicken package being in there, especially if it’s humid.  My beagle Gracie certainly notices if anyone puts anything in there, and she does her “I’m smelling the can but not *really* smelling the can enough so you don’t see me smelling the can” face.  How freaking adorable and disgusting.  But designer Cem Tutuncuoglu has invented a can that not only freezes your garbage, but also kicks the snot out of it with our good friend and the ninja of wavelengths, ultraviolet light.  The designer claims that the can not only kills and de-stinks your garbage, but also gives off “a pleasing light” in your kitchen.

Check out these images:




Check out Cem‘s website, but be forewarned – you’ll be bombed with a whole bunch of publicity this guy has gotten for some reason.  It’s actually a task to find his work through all of that self-love.

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  1. Have you ever met anyone who spontaneously used, and do you spontaneously use yourself, the phrase “kick the snot out of”?

    I believe the actual phrase uses a different word. Euphemisms are for pussies.

    • Joe, if you don’t like what I write, don’t read it. I told you this once before, and I won’t be saying it again – I’m unimpressed with your negativity and harassment.

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