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juno LED

The Gadgeteer had an article posted about the Juno LED Recessed Downlight – an LED can downlight with some decent specs compared to incandescent and compact fluorescent downlight sources.  As far as CFL downlights go, I have had two lamps that were CFL based, and I have been unimpressed with either.  Incandescent downlights get hot, and they really can’t hold a candle (bwa haa) to LED energy consumption.  As far as output – well, I’ll reserve judgement until I see them neck and neck with an incandescent source for lumens and color.

Juno LED Downlights come in 5″ and 6″ sizes, in both remodel and new construction offerings.  Juno claims 50,000 hours (25 times incandescent lamp life) on their sources, with 3000, 3500, and 4100 Kelvin color temperatures.

Give the Gadgeteer article a read; the writer talks about remodeling his kitchen using these fixtures, which retail at around $200 a pop.  That’s certainly more than any recessed downlight I’ve ever seen, but if it saves on power costs and still provides complimentary light, who says it’s a terrible purchase?

Check out Juno Lighting’s website, and the Juno Recessed LED Downlight site.

juno LED

juno led

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  1. Based on that last picture, I really think they would have done better with 4100K fixtures.

    I also notice that the article says nothing regarding what wattage incandescent or CFL is equivalent to this 14-watt fixture, but based on other LED lights (I believe I’ve looked at the Cree), this is probably only equivalent to a 75-watt A19 (26-watt CFL) at best. That’s okay for home usage, I guess, but not ready for commercial yet.

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