Blackbird by David Harrower – My Month in Columbus



The show I just spent three weeks lighting is now open.  Contemporary American Theatre Company in Columbus, OH (affectionately known as CATCO) has produced and opened David Harrower’s Blackbird – directed by Geoff Nelson, lighting design by me (Jim Hutchison), scenic design by Jessica Secrest, costume design by Kristine Kearney, and sound Design by Nitz Brown.  Jonathon Putnam and Anna Paniccia are Ray and Una, and the chemistry is – well, go see the show if you can.  If you don’t know the script, it’s deep.

Michael Grossberg of the Columbus Dispatch wrote a review of the show, and actually mentioned me, which he never used to do when I lived in Columbus and worked around town:

What ultimately happens on Jessica Trent-Secrest’s convincingly cluttered set under Jim Hutchison’s fluorescent office lighting shouldn’t be fully revealed (in print or in after-show conversation) except to note that the questions asked and parried raise deeper questions within the characters and observers.

I had a hell of a good time lighting this show.  I don’t want to say too much about the design or the story yet – but yes, I did use some 40W fluorescent fixtures in the design of the show, hanging down at thirteen feet in all their bright fluorescent glory.

Thanks to TJ Gerckens, Keya Myers-Alkire (best ME ever), Jennifer Kramer, Whitney Thiessen, Cheryl Rouseau, and all of the CATCO staff.  You guys make a lighting designer feel right at home.

If you’re within travel distance of Columbus or you find yourself in Columbus between June 3 and June 21, 2009, get a ticket to see Blackbird.

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