I’m Going to Sweden for a Year!


I got some of the greatest news this week.  Back in December of 2008 I applied to Sweden’s KTH School for their Master’s of Architectural Lighting Design degree – I want another Master’s in another Lighting field.  I just found out this week that I’ve been accepted, and starting in mid-August I will be writing JimOnLight.com while studying in Sweden for a year!  The design shows, trade shows in neighboring countries, and an international perspective on light.  Jim, in Sweden, studying and blogging about light.

I am excited, nervous, and I have the coolest wife ever.

If you have any knowledge of living or studying in Sweden and wouldn’t mind pointing me in the right direction, please contact me – I would love some pointers.  There is an overwhelming amount of info to digest – housing is apparently quite the journey.  I’d love to live close to campus, preferably in campus housing.  Anything I find, I’ll post about, as I want to document the process as a whole – this is an exciting new venture!  Please post in the comments or contact me – I would love your pointers about living and studying in Sweden!

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  1. Congratulations, Jim! I’ve not been to Sweden so can’t really provide you with much advice. So will the coolest wife ever be joining you?

  2. First, congratulations on the school! Second, im a fan of the site, so much random tid bits about every kind of lighting, its great stuff. Anyway, my main reason for posting a comment is more of a question. At this particular point I have no degree, I have been doing lighting for about 6 months now (corporate and entertainment) and feel that i am dedicated enough to want to gain a formal education related to the field. I know KTH is a masters program but would you care to elaborate on your thoughts and experiences in earning a degree in a lighting field? Since i have also just begun my research into lighting degrees could you elaborate on how you got where you are as well? Any input or advice would be great.

    • Thanks, and thanks!

      I am going to write a post devoted to this subject now in a few days. Thank you for posing the question! I think it is an extremely important issue, and something I discuss frequently.

  3. You are very lucky in so many ways – but it’s your talent that got you this amazing opportunity in Sweden! Make the most of it. And, yes, your wife is pretty cool, too. 🙂

  4. I lived in Denmark for a year and Scandinavia is THE BOMB! You will love it. Very peaceful, beautiful…what part will you be living in? I have visited Malmo, Gothenberg, and Stockholm a bit.

    • I can’t wait! I want to travel as much as I can – I am going to be living like a student, and saving as much as I can.

  5. Hi! I have seen your text on twitter. Good luck with Sweden! I happen to work for a leading Swedish light manufacturer, though live and work in Russia. You will be surprised of the Swedish lighting culture and their approach to lighting design and usage.

    I’d be glad if we stay in touch. I am as well passionate about lighting, light design and ergonomics. Run the blog about light implementation and posess a bunch of usefull contacts in Swedish light industry:-)

    Have fun/Nikita (Kit Valo)

  6. Hi!
    I´m a light designer from Sweden, but now i´m living i Copenhagen (Denmark) becuase of the shool I study on, The Danish National School of Theatre (http://www.teaterskolen.dk/sw100.asp). If you need any help or tips about Skandinavia and Sweden you can contact me on my mail (marten@martenk.se)

    MÃ¥rten K. Axelsson

  7. Hi,

    I studied there – lighting design the same course as the one you are about to start. It’s pretty cool.

    Contact me, if you want to know more…


  8. congratulations Jim, i will miss u as my classmate. this is abbas, an architect, from India. just found Jim on light and your going to KTH on a random search. I applied when i was in UAE, got a job change, now in Tripoli,Libya.
    your blog is more informative, awaiting more articles about ALD,KTH after your enrollment.
    with best regards

    • Abbas, I’ll be blogging my whole experience in Sweden – I too am sorry you won’t be joining us! How are you liking Libya?

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