Enttec’s Playback, Programming, and Shortcut Interfaces


I read about some of the PC lighting control company Enttec‘s wares tonight – considering I am saving up to buy the Hog 3 PC programming and playback interfaces for use with my WYSIWYG suite (I have a loooong way to go…), these units look pretty cool.  Provided, that is, they would work with the Hog 3 PC software, and connected to my WYSIWYG suite.  Enttec has a programming wing, a playback wing, and a shortcut wing that, hooked together, could make a pretty sweet interface.  Enttec’s software, LightFactory, is what the units are geared for – but they claim that the units work with any PC based lighting control software.  The units connect to the PC via ethernet.

Enttec, these things are great!  I want to know more!

The programming wing:

enttec programming wing

The playback wing:

enttec playback wing

The shortcut wing:

enttec shortcut wing

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