An Architect’s Perspective On Rendering?


I just read a post at Young Architect about rendering – more specifically, the article was stating that rendering is something that should be “avoided at all cost.”  I am a bit shocked by the post – not because of the concept that rendering is difficult, but because you wouldn’t render your design or architecture because rendering is time-consuming and difficult.  Being a lighting designer, for example, I cannot imagine going to a client with a light plot and telling that client their project will be illuminated. I doubt I’d get any clients if I couldn’t (or just refused to) communicate what a design looks like without showing them through some kind of rendering.

I learn things about my design when I render – I fix things when I create renderings.  Most times I am able to perfect and clarify my design through doing the renderings.  Communicating, whether you’re a designer, architect, engineer, or some other derivation of these, is part of your job.  Communicating and collaborating.

I won’t launch a diatribe about this subject – but I am really, really curious about your thoughts on it.  Read the article at Young Architect, and let me know what you think – post below in the comments, please!

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