More Light Painter Action


I was very inspired by the article I wrote about Vicki Dasilva’s work last week – not by the article itself, of course, I’m not that self-centered.  Her work in light painting just resonates in my mind – and during Earth Hour the little bit of light graffiti my wife and I were making was a lot of fun.  I’ve been looking around at other light artists, and I found one guy who has some interesting work.  Brian Matthew Hart is the artist, and his site is Recent Extrapolations.  I’ve only posted two of his images, you should go make your own opinions of his work.  I think it has good brainy roots!



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  1. I don’t have an objection to mirror imaging the images in Photoshop, especially if they have the potential to be that good. After all, it’s the end product with light painting, right?

    Hey Brian – did you draw this one and flip it in Photoshop, or are you just that good?

  2. i don’t know if i’m ‘that good’ but this was one exposure.

    set the camera up [pitch black room], open shutter, draw what i wanted to draw above the couch, draw the couch, lay down on couch, my buddy jd flashed a nikon strobe twice [the twice is why you see movement in my shoulder, elsewhere: i must’ve moved between flashes], close shutter.

    this was roughly a 5-7 minute drawing.

    thanks for the props, i’m working on some new stuff, keep your beedies peeled 🙂

    [jim, you’re awesome]

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