Traxon’s Mesh RGB LED Wins a Red Dot Award



I took these shots at LDI 2008 of the Traxon booth – they’ve been in the news a bit lately winning awards and publishing case studies on their website.  I have a friend who was working on a project that employs some Traxon products, and had nothing but high praise for the company and the product.

Traxon also just won another Red Dot Design Award for one of their products – the Mesh RGB LED.  An article at LEDs Magazine commented on the Mesh RGB LED product:

Traxon Mesh RGB is a highly versatile, modular system of LED modules that provides the perfect all-purpose solution for challenging surfaces where unique, eye-catching decoration is desired. A low profile and easy mounting give the Traxon Mesh RGB a decisive advantage over conventional LED screens and products. Each Mesh unit comprises eight grid-elements, connected by flexible joints, giving it the ability to contour the most demanding surfaces.

One Mesh comprises five strings each with 32 high performance LEDs resulting in 160 individually controllable pixels per Mesh unit. The control possibilities range from DMX over DVI and its IP-67 rated UV-resistant material makes it suitable for a variety of outdoor applications. Furthermore the Mesh RGB can serve as a room divider by combining two units back to back with its refined and simple-to-use clipping system.

One of the innovations that Traxon has emplyed in their products, especially the modular products, is their TX Connect system of connecting all of their TX Smart devices together.  The system puts power and data in one cable.  When I first discovered Vari-Lite products I was always impressed by their employing of power and data in one cable with the series 200 and 300 stuff.  I am also impressed by Traxon’s TX Connect system.

I’ll be writing more about Traxon products in coming weeks – good stuff!


Thanks, LEDs Magazine!

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