LED Party Shower – Or Not – Just Don’t Slip!


Okay, sometimes I see products for sale and I think “what recession?”  I get the feeling that we won’t be seeing the item below at any home improvement warehouse store any time soon.  But I have been wrong once before…


The CromoBox, as it is apparently called, consists of glass panel shower doors with a strip of LEDs on either side illuminating the etched shapes in the glass.  Designer Antonio Lupi created this Duraglass door shower installation for people to exercise chromotherapy in their homes.  Remember chromotherapy?  It’s the practice of using light to fill in the body’s physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental holes, per se.  We all know that light hues affect our moods and our physiology in general, so why wouldn’t this work?

I sing in the shower sometimes, so this would be great for me – like my own personal rock show.  I bet my cat Dewey would also get a major kick out of this, especially since he just gets a kick out of staring at the drain watching water go down.



Thanks, Trendir!

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