Jim On Light JOBS


I’ve been hearing a lot of stories about entertainment lighting folks, architectural lighting designers and engineers, programmers, and lighting scientists losing their gigs because of this crappy economy.  I lost two contracts so far this year because funding was cut – and it sucks.  This is why I decided to create a new service on JimOnLight.com – a service for people in all facets of the lighting industries to use to find a gig – JimOnLight Jobs!

I’ve posted a few jobs that I’ve run across lately, and I’ll continue to do so.  If you’re a company or individual wanting to post a job, I’ve narrowed down the costs so that you can post a job for 90 days for only 30 bucks.  I’ve had two good friends decide to try working in jobs across the Atlantic, so I’m posting and taking job posts from all over the world.  Who knows – maybe there’s something in England or Abu Dhabi that might interest you!

Please check out JimOnLight Jobs!  If you know of someone needing to get a job posting to a talented, well-educated, experienced group of readers (that’s YOU, folks) please send them to the site!

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