Hey, Richard Cadena Wrote A New Book!

Richard Cadena, Electricity for the Entertainment Electrician & Technician
Richard Cadena, Electricity for the Entertainment Electrician & Technician

Richard Cadena, editor of PLSN and a lighting designer, released a new book!  It’s not shipping yet, but it’s on pre-order.

Richard’s new book, Electricity for the Entertainment Electrician & Technician, is all about electricity and its principles for entertainment electricians.  The book is retailing for $44.95, and according to a few sites selling the book, is shipping some time in March 2009.

Richard has some other great books, in case you haven’t read them yet.  My personal favorite, Automated Lighting: The Art and Science of Moving Light in Theatre, Live Performance, Broadcast, and Entertainment, is a big hit and a great book.  He’s also written Lighting Design for Modern Houses of Worship, and constantly writes on PLSN.

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  1. Hi Jim,

    Thanks for the very kind words and the nice plug. We just got our first shipment of the books yesterday and all the backorders that we had have been filled. This book was prompted by two things: friends and the ETCP Certified Entertainment Electrician exam. The friends are John Huntington, college professor at NYC College of Technology and the author of “Control Systems for Live Entertainment,” and all the good people at Focal Press. Focal was looking for someone to write this book and when they asked John, he declined because he was too busy, but he recommended me. I had been getting teaching a 3-day seminar on the subject, so it was a good opportunity to create some synergy between the feedback from the course and the need for a book on the subject. Although we’re not allowed to promote it as a study guide for the ETCP certification exam, that’s basically what I had in mind when I wrote it.

    Again, thanks for the plug. I love your blog. I’ve learned so much from it and I’ve only been a subscriber for a few weeks. My favorite post was about the LEDs and capacitors. Keep up the great work!

    Richard Cadena

  2. Richard! Thank you so much for YOUR nice words! My only goal when I started Jim On Light was for people to learn about the business that we all love so much. I learn more about things I thought I knew every time I write something – I am glad that you’re enjoying it, as I’ve enjoyed your writing for so many years.

    If you ever get the bug to write and want a place to publish other than PLSN, email me. I’d be honored to publish something coming from you!


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