The Neo from Se’Lux


I originally read about the Neo wall, ceiling, and pendant fixture from Se’Lux through LightNOW, but I couldn’t figure out what was so great about a fixture that uses a regular ol’ T-5 fluorescent tube – so I looked into it a little further, and they’re actually quite interesting.

First, from Se’Lux’s mouth:

NEO® Systems- A new generation of interior luminaires constructed of glass and polished aluminum. Neo® is developed with a dedicated systems approach for total design freedom and specification flexibility for suspended, ceiling mount or surface mount applications. Precision reflector and Microprism diffuser technology is utilized to optimize output of T5 fluorescent sources. The utilization of all visible light is the key to the NEO® luminaire philosophy.

The fixture itself is an enclosure of sorts – the Neo offers a pendant, wall, or ceiling mounted style, and has two options for diffusion – a microprismatic diffuser or an opal lens:






They’re simple looking fixtures with a lot of sophistication.  Check out the rest of the line here.  Beautiful work, Se’Lux.

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